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Frequent Questions




Why Panama instead of another country?

One of the main reasons that many veterans or retired Americans decide to live in Panama is that medical services are very cheap and you can find doctors specialized in many medical needs. Hospitals with the latest diagnostic services and tests. Normal and prescription medications are available at low prices and health insurance coverage is reasonably priced for any age.very



How to apply for a Panama Retirement Visa?

One of the main requirements to apply for the visa is that the monthly income or pension cannot be less than a thousand ($ 1,000.00) American Dollars and must be guaranteed for life. Decree 28: See More



When I move to Panama, what should I do?

The first step is to contact a Migration Specialist (Analistas Juridicos) who will tell you if you can apply for a residence permit. If you can, follow the instructions of the lawyer to carry out the formalities.



What happens to my savings when I move to Panama?

Panama is home to the second biggest International Banking Center in the world and has also been named as the best country for retirement. One of the many reasons is that whoever retires here does not pay taxes for income obtained abroad, as well as the low cost of life. Banks always offer several alternatives for their bank accounts and savings, we assure you that the financial institutions recommended in this report are totally safe.





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